Material Management

Limitless Connections

The procurement of turned parts and threaded parts has been a part of our core competencies for decades. A team of around 30 employees fill orders quickly and competently – this also applies to unusual requests.

Individual logistics and packaging service

Strategic supplier for almost all products

Procurement with view to high quality requirements

International network of qualified suppliers


The procurement of special turned parts and threaded parts or also a faster order in emergencies is very often combined with increased effort for companies: The requested turned and threaded parts are frequently not available from a supplier or not obtainable at a previous service provider.

We bundle your purchasing activities with our supplier management: In prior decades we have established a very close-knit international network for the procurement of turned parts and threaded parts – this is regularly expanded according to the most up-to-date knowledge.

We put high quality requirements on all turned parts and threaded parts procured by us. If there are any doubts, the quality is tested via sample productions. Even with express shipping with delivery per air freight and courier service we do not drop attention to the question of quality.

Some of our employees have over 30 years of experience:

Through this enormous market knowledge we can take over your procurement effort very competently.