Turned parts and milled parts

Production on the highest level

Through our knowledge as connection experts and the most up-to-date processing facilities, you get economical solutions on the highest technical level with the production of turned parts and milled parts.


Through our broad portfolio of innovative technologies – for example, CNC machines, short- and long-stock automated lathes as well as single and multi-spindles – we offer you turned and milled parts in excellent quality and corresponding to your unique requirements. Parts are finished by us using additional processing steps, such as grinding, threading, honing, reaming, surface finishing//barrel finishing.

Another plus point for you: Over 98% availability of the facility on our single-spindle automatic machines often offer a significant cost advantage in comparison to the classic multi-spindle automatic lathes.

For all projects we have the choice of whether we should produce turned or milled parts from bar or cold extruded parts, inclusive further processing.