Fast, good and economical

We guarantee you economical processes during the production of cold extruded parts, turned parts and milled parts through very low material use and fast production with high cycle times.

4 cleaning lines (one of which is designed for residual dirt requirements)

 9 multi-stage presses

Over 30 CNC lathes for further processing of the cold extruded blanks

11 internal threading machines

4 cam-controlled lathes

3 pipe length cutting machines for the manufacture of enclosed sleeves

25 machines for production of transformed external threads

3 continuous grinding machines

 2 assembly lines


We consider our cooperation with you as a partnership: Therefore we design customer-specific strategies very early on, in order to produce tailor-made cold extruded parts, turned parts and milled parts for you. The production processes are designed the by the interactions of our in-house cold extrusion and the further processing on an optimum cost benefit with maximum process capability.

In consultation with you we follow a proven process flow:

  • Manufacturability analysis
  • Simulation via FEM software
  • Validation through early sampling in production
  • Optimization during and after the first production
  • CIP in the running series production

Production of small production series from a few hundred parts as well as of medium and large series with up to approx. 30 million parts is done on cutting-edge machines that are controlled by connection experts. In this way we can produce cold extruded parts, turned parts and milled parts from a wide variety of of materials for you:

We place top value on the qualification of our employees and also on the continual development of highly automated production – which is documented by our annual, very high investments.

  • Steel and free cutting steel as well as heat-treated steel
  • Nirosta in various quality classes
  • Aluminum
  • Brass alloys
  • Copper
  • Tool steels
  • Titanium
  • Custom materials

We have also been engaged for many years in the processing of stainless steel: Especially with expensive raw materials it is of high interest to develop production options, in which the material loss in the production process is held as low as possible. With forming it has been possible for us in the processing of stainless steel to offer a high added value.

Every material can be formed up to a certain range: We know these ranges and offer you tailor-made solutions, up to the “natural” limits.

The targeted combination of cold forming and machining in included in our service spectrum. From us you receive all customer-specific surface treatments and heat treatments as well as the production of complex parts, for example especially thin-walled hollow parts (optionally with internal or external threads) made of difficult to form materials.